Bartosz Glanowski

Organization Growth Management Professional

Leader, Founder & Head of Growth Management

+48 508 298 195

+48 508 298 195

My career began in 2012 when I worked as an investor assistant and junior project manager. My next projects involved freelance collaborations with startups, companies, and NGOs operating in the market. From 2016, I successfully developed an educational project aimed at student organizations, giving them new opportunities for development and cooperation. After achieving success in the academic environment, it was transformed into a startup in 2021, and its development continues as a startup. Currently, I manage the development of two of my own businesses and collaborate with companies to help them build effective growth strategies

The main areas of specialization are strategic management of organization and project development, as well as building direct sales along with communication with clients and the company’s or organization’s partner network. Additionally, I excel in building internal processes within a company and in developing an organization’s workflow, which is a coherent work system that improves its efficiency. The most crucial point that I pay attention to is building value for customers by understanding their true purchasing motivations and the actual problem that exists in the market, which we aim to solve using our product or service.

skills & specialization

Strategic Business Development Planning

Organizational Development Strategy Planning

Sales Processes Planning and Building

Team building

Business Environment and Competition Analysis

Organization and Project Development Management

Stakeholder Relationship Management

Strategic Partnership Negotiations




small company

startups pre-seed/seed

people management


organization development


sales strategy

business development strategy


Education & Ed-Tech

NGO & Social Matters

Consulting & Business Development


The project is a continuation of the Student Project Foundation. I am responsible for developing and implementing the development strategy, as well as managing the organization and acquiring partnerships and building relationships with businesses.

I am the founder of a consulting firm that redefines the way consulting services are delivered in the market. I manage the development and business operations, and I also ensure the quality and successful implementation of projects for clients.

As part of a research project carried out with the Krakow University of Technology for a leading railway company from Asia, I was responsible for preparing a section of the report concerning competitor analysis and market entry barriers.

As part of the campaign, I managed the implementation of image and political marketing campaigns. I ensured coordination among specialists, planned the strategy for carrying out actions, and managed the organization of the team’s work.

I was the creator of the project and planned the development strategy while ensuring its implementation. The project supported student organizations in collaboration with businesses. In the first academic year, it brought in over 80,000 PLN in additional funds for student associations and organizations through market partnerships.

Graduate of the University of Economics in Krakow

5 years of experience in designing business solutions

Creator of an Innovative Organization Connecting Business with Academic Environments

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