Find New Growth Opportunities For Your Business

Business Development Consulting

Services of strategy planning and business development. We gonna help you gain market advantage and develop your business operations

Product & Services Development Management

Product or service development services for your company. Pricing strategies development, market position development and management.

Marketing Consulting

We support your company in building marketing process and strategy.

Market Analytics Management

Market analytics, competitive intelligence and data management services. We help your build a successful data gathering and management process.

Sales Consulting

We support your company in building sales process and strategy.

Company Performance Data Management

Company processes performance data management services. Building report dashboards and data analytics.

Business Development Services

Comprehensive support for your company's key tasks

The business development solutions created by Blackenvelope encompass more than just sales. They comprise a range of solutions that support the growth of your business, from essential market data analysis to enhancing the value of your services, products, or solutions, all the way to generating increased sales and building a company development strategy.

Business Development encompasses support for four key areas of your company's operations

This allows you to identify sales opportunities, assess threats, optimize processes, and ensure that the product or service you provide aligns even better with your customers’ needs.

Market Environment Analysis

It will allow you to identify the business environment, enabling you to spot opportunities and threats and determine your position relative to the competition.

Development of Your Company's Products or Services

We will assist you in identifying your customers’ expectations regarding your solutions, thus enhancing the value delivered to customers.

Marketing and Sales Growth

You will gain a better understanding of your customers, their needs, and their actual quantity in the market. Together with us, you will create effective marketing and sales strategies and processes.

Long-Term Development Strategy

Through it, you will define the direction of your company’s development within chosen timeframes, make better use of available resources, and achieve your development goals.

Business Development Process

It’s a long-term relationship between Blackenvelope and your company. It is based on business development support and consulting services that you will receive as needed in the execution of the plan.

Defining the Direction of Development

We will start by precisely defining the directions in which your company can develop in the future. We will take into account both internal capabilities and market trends.

Analysis of Development Opportunities

We will conduct a thorough analysis of the available development opportunities, identifying potential areas for growth and new opportunities in the market. This will allow us to choose the most promising paths.

Support in Building a Development Plan

Together, we will develop a comprehensive development plan that includes goals, strategy, and specific actions for implementation. The plan will be clear, tailored to your needs, and provide guidelines for further steps.

Analysis of Development Results

We will regularly analyze the results of our development activities, comparing the achieved outcomes with the set goals. This will help us assess the effectiveness of the strategy and make any necessary modifications.

Consulting Support

We offer ongoing consulting support to help you navigate challenges and make informed decisions. Our knowledge and experience will be available whenever you need them.

Verification of Results and Analysis of Next Steps

After the completion of a specified development period, we will jointly verify the achieved results and analyze what further steps are needed to sustain the company's growth momentum. We will proactively respond to changes and shape future strategies.

Business Development support for your company when:

You are not currently fully utilizing the potential of your company

And your organization lacks the appropriate pace of development and effectiveness in achieving its goals.

You want to increase the visibility of your company or improve its sales results

Because you are having difficulty reaching your potential customers and the effectiveness of your sales activities is insufficient.

You are looking for new market development opportunities or planning growth

Your company is unable to fully leverage the potential of the market in which it operates. You are planning expansion into new markets and want to increase the value of your company.

Business Development Supported by Data

Ready packages of solutions for businesses that need quick support

Services Packaged

Ready-made solutions included in a package with specified conditions and fixed prices

Fast implementation

Experienced Business Developer supporting your business

Fast and effective solution to typical problems

Immediate increase in the efficiency of the company's operations

Bespoke Services

In-depth analysis of the company's needs during meetings with a representative of Blackenvelope

Prepared project prospectus before starting cooperation

Experienced team of specialists from selected business areas

Individual pricing of services for your company

Support in solving comprehensive challenges of your company

Wsparcie operacji

Business Development Workshop

Workshops that will help you initiate the process of creating a coherent development plan for your company. You will identify gaps and outline the steps that you, along with your organization, need to take to move forward.

Konsulting strategiczny

Marketing and Sales Process Building

We will support you in creating the marketing and sales process from A to Z.

konsulting strategiczny

Business Data Analytics Workshop

Thanks to these workshops, you will gain insight into the market situation of your company, identify opportunities and threats, as well as determine your position in relation to the competition.

Recognize the value for your company in our services

Make better strategic decisions with data

The foundation of good decisions, therefore information about the market, competition, and trends among your customers – will support your company’s actions.

Increase the efficiency of internal processes in your company

Greater effectiveness in achieving strategic goals and faster development of the organization through process optimization and increased efficiency of their implementation.

Increase brand visibility and improve sales results for your company

Reach new customers and discover new sales opportunities. By combining data analysis and strategic consulting, you will discover new development opportunities.

Build your company's market position and develop a long-term strategy for it

Business development activities focused on developing organizational growth strategies, increasing investment potential, and the value of the company.

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